How MSPs Can Help Your SME Grow

How can IT help your team scale your business to be more successful and increase growth and profits? More than you ...

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How can IT help your team scale your business to be more successful and increase growth and profits? More than you would expect!
  • MSPs increase productivity
  • MSPs free up resources 
  • MSPs provide stability and scalability 
  • MSPs reduce your IT budget 
  • VCIO Services


Increased Productivity:

Managed service providers (MSPs) offer a range of benefits that can significantly increase productivity within your organization. By partnering with an MSP, you can access different levels of service that align with the needs of your team. This flexibility allows you to optimize data management, ensure secure operations, and gain peace of mind. MSPs also leverage automation and shared tools to increase efficiency and productivity. Ultimately, MSPs allow your team to focus on strategic initiatives and the core aspects of your business, ensuring that you can scale and thrive in your industry and focus on their core roles and not IT.

Freed Up Resources:

With an MSP you have your own internal IT team without the expense of hiring an IT staff. When you have an issue, you have the resources to take care of issues and get them resolved fast. Your team gets back to work instead of trying to troubleshoot  hardware and software. You also have someone to help your team manage your vendor relationships. Whether it's your ERP system or internet provider that needs information, your MSP has you covered. They are experts in handling vendor relationships so you don't have to. Once again, you and your team can keep working while your MSP team takes care of anything IT related.

Stability and Scalability:

By focusing on your core business without the daily disruptions of IT issues, you are able to scale your business because there is less focus on IT and less downtime. Your MSP will manage and monitor your IT network and infrastructure keeping your business secure so you can rest easy. You get enhanced cybersecurity services that you may not be able to afford without an MSP. 

Reduced IT Budget and Costs: 

An MSP allows you to have a fully staffed IT department without hiring a single employee. You don't bear the cost of recruiting, hiring, training, salary, PTO, benefits and all of the other costs that come along with staff. You also get best in class tools that MSPs can provide for a fraction of the cost that even large enterprises could get. We provide licensing, tools, support to help efficiency, security and monitoring for a flat monthly fee. And you always know what you are paying because MSPs charge a monthly rate no matter how much you use their support. SMEs are able to get the same, even better support as large companies with lower costs.

VCIO Services Included:

A virtual CIO can be an extremely beneficial decision for your business. A virtual CIO is an expert in the field of technology and can provide valuable insights on how to maximize your investments in technology, allowing your organization to stay ahead of the competition. A virtual CIO can help develop strategies that increase efficiency and reduce costs, while also introducing new technologies that give you an edge over other businesses. Additionally, they are able to offer advice regarding compliance with industry regulations and best practices, ensuring that your company is always operating at its highest potential. Furthermore, by offering specialized services tailored to the specific needs of a business, a virtual CIO can improve decision-making processes, streamline operations and help create meaningful relationships with customers.

What can our managed services do for your SME?

Our IT support services provide more benefits than just cost savings. Partnering with an MSP like Cloud Cover, provides your business with expertise and access to the latest technologies, increased security, and reduced downtime. It also allows you to focus on your core business activities while leaving the technicalities to us. We provide maximum ROI for small and medium sized companies. It is an excellent investment in your business, providing a significant return on investment in terms of efficiency, productivity, and security. 

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