What is a Microsoft Secure Score?

And how does it keep your business safe?

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What is a Microsoft Secure Score?

Microsoft Secure Score is a security analytics tool that aims to make your organization safer by providing insights into its security posture and standing. 

Microsoft scores you based on the security controls you implemented in your business's infrastructure, the vulnerabilities in your systems, their severity, and how you can mitigate them. The higher the score, the more secure you are.

Microsoft Secure Score is available to all Microsoft 365 customers with Exchange Online, SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business plans.

How does a higher score benefit my business?

Cyberthreats are increasing every day and hackers are always searching for vulnerabilities to exploit. By following the recommendations to improve your security measures and raise your security score, you can decrease the likelihood of becoming a victim

Microsoft Secure Score has features for improving your security, such as reviewing current security configurations, measuring system improvements, providing specific details about your IT infrastructure, and sending recommendations and visual graphs. These recommendations are specific action plans designed to strengthen the security of your Microsoft products that are specific to your business.

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What is your current Microsoft Security Score?

You can find out right now by going to Microsoft's website  at https://security.microsoft.com/securescore . You will see a dashboard that shows your current score, the maximum possible score, and the average score of organizations like yours. The dashboard additionally contains a breakdown of your score by different categories: identity, data, and apps. You will not only see your score but also a list of action items to take. Each action has a score impact percentage so you can see which ones will make the most impact in improving your security posture. Over time as you take action, you can see the history and how your score has improved with time and actions taken.

How do you improve your score?

Now that you know where your security score stands, what can you do to improve your score? To improve your Security Score, it is essential to start by prioritizing your security initiatives based on the highest impact areas identified by the tool. For instance, if you have multiple users with weak passwords or multi-factor authentication disabled, these are some areas that you should prioritize first. By focusing on high-impact actions that are easier to accomplish first, you can quickly boost your Security Score and more importantly, your business's security posture.

Another way to improve your Microsoft 365 Secure Score is by leveraging additional security features offered within the platform. Ensure you enable security features like multi-factor authentication, data encryption, data backup, access controls, anti-spam, and more. If you are unsure which features you have access to, you should  consult with your IT team or Microsoft partners like us who can review your licensing and implement the features you are already paying for. https://cloud-cover.me/free-microsoft-licensing-review

If you want to get on the path to improving not only your Microsoft Security Score but your overall security posture, talk to you IT team or get in touch with us.

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