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The cloud is no longer just a buzzword, but a powerful and reliable platform for businesses everywhere. Migration to the cloud has become an increasingly popular choice for companies as it provides numerous benefits. From improved scalability and cost savings to enhanced security and performance, migrating to the cloud can help businesses take their operations to the next level. It's not right for every business but we can help you decide if your business should consider migrating to the cloud.

Why Consider Cloud Migration?

There are many reasons businesses are moving to the cloud. Optimizing performance, securing data, and decreasing downtime are three of the biggest benefits. There is a wide selection of IT infrastructure and services that can be hosted on the cloud to save your business time and money. Cloud computing can allow businesses better ability to access and manage data while cutting costs on physical network maintenance and hardware upkeep. It can also provide scalability for rapidly growing companies compared to traditional hosting.

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Moving to the Cloud

There is a lot involved in moving your business to the cloud. There are pros and cons of migrating to the cloud for every business and your IT partner needs to help you understand the benefits, risks and downsides of all aspects for you and your company. Should your business move to a public, private or hybrid cloud? Are there parts of your infrastructure or operating systems that make more sense to stay with your current infrastructure? What is your budget for the project and your ongoing costs to maintain your hosting? We work with clients to understand their business needs, operations, future plans and budgets to help them determine their options and ultimately, the best plan for their business.

Why Work With Us?

We have helped helped businesses all over Central Ohio move their businesses to the Cloud. We are local, based in Worthington and work with you and your team directly. From initial planning meetings to the actual migration and implementation, you work with us and only us. We don't outsource pieces of our support. We assess your business systems, processes, operations, hardware, software and all aspects that will be impacted by either sticking with your existing infrastructure or migrating to the cloud. That way we can help guide you to the right decision for your business now and for the future. Our clients understand what the process will be, how much downtime will be involved and what the initial and ongoing financial impact will be.

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