Open Source Intelligence - What does the internet know about you?

What does the internet know about you, your business and your competitors????

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Open source intelligence (OSINT) is a type of intelligence collection methodology that involves gathering and analyzing information from publicly available sources such as news articles, social media, public records, and other openly accessible sources.

Most people have searched for a person or company using Google or LinkedIn.  What else is out there? 

OSINT Framework Provides a listing of tools you can use to search for publicly available information.  There are tools to search through public records, password breaches, baptismal records, dating profiles.

Have I been Pwned is a good tool to see if any of your passwords are available on the Dark Web.

SEMRush will let you see what keywords your competitors are trying to rank for and let you track their progress.

Reading job ads on your favorite job search website will let you know where a company is expanding.

Want learn more? Check our or small business cyber security guide. 

  OSINT Framework

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