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Here are some of the topics we've covered in past newsletters:

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What to do if your kid's device gets hacked?

It’s a fact that almost all of our kids have their own devices or access to shared devices in the home. So what do you do if you suspect your child’s device or any of their online accounts have been hacked? Here are some steps to take immediately:

Free Cybersecurity Policy Template

Does your business have a cybersecurity policy?

Not sure where to start? We can help by sending you a template so you can get a head start. 

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dark web scan (1)

Free Dark Web Scan for Your Business

Do you know if your employee's have opened accounts with their work email? Are they reusing their work passwords for their personal use? We can find out for you. We will search the Dark Web for compromised credentials associated with your domain. Let's stop a breach BEFORE it happens.

Computer Tips & Tricks Everyone Can Use

Working in the IT space but being non-technical has had it's challenges over the years. But I have learned a lot about IT and some pretty useful tips. Here are a couple of my favorites:

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