Network Security For Your Business

Is your network secure? Are there any holes in your armor? Do you need a Network Security Scan and Evaluation? 

Information security has never been more important. As our activities, data, and information become more valuable to cybercriminals, we need to ensure that our networks are secure from cyber threats. It is essential for businesses and organizations to protect their resources by regularly conducting sensitive network security scans and evaluations. By proactively assessing the security of its systems and networks, a company can safeguard against unauthorized access or malicious attacks – making sure it remains secure in an ever-evolving digital landscape. We can help you understand how we can conduct a successful network security scan as well as what steps should be taken after such an assessment is complete.

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What is a Network Scan?

A network scan or evaluation is an important process for evaluating the performance of your network. It involves measuring the performance of physical and logical components of a network, such as servers, routers, switches, data links, and other elements within a network infrastructure. Evaluation of these components helps to identify problems that can cause decreased performance or threats that may compromise the security. 

Is a Network Scan safe?

Network scans or evaluations are safe and secure processes if done by a trusted and legitimate IT services firm. Before you let anyone near your network, make sure they have provided a document that should be signed by both your company and the company providing the evaluation. We provide a Network Evaluation SOW and NDA to all companies before we will complete any work. This is an important and necessary step that ensures both companies are protected and understand their risks, what steps will take place and what will be provided once the assessment is done. By measuring the performance of individual components, any potential issues that could lead to decreased performance or security breaches are identified before they occur. Furthermore, the data collected during these evaluations can be used for further analysis, such as examining trends in network usage or identifying areas of optimization and risk.


Can you find out if someone has hacked into your network?

Yes, it is possible to tell if someone has hacked into your network through a network scan and evaluation. Some of the telltale signs we could find would be unusual or suspicious activity on the network, like an increase in traffic or data transfer rates, unexpected changes to firewall settings, or unexpected files being added or deleted. It's not always a guarantee that if someone has hacked into your network we would be able to find out but most of the time we can. 

If you want to know more about getting a network scan and evaluation for your business, schedule a call with us. Someone from our team will be in touch and we can determine what is the best course of action and if you need a network scan and  evaluation.