Our CEO and Founder, Featured in Business First and Recognized as a Cybersecurity Person in the Know



Brent Kenreich

CEO, Cloud Cover LLC

How did you get into this profession? 

With an undergraduate degree in computer science and an MBA, it's fair to say I've always enjoyed technology and entrepreneurship. Cybersecurity is a lot like entrepreneurship in that we're deploying intellectual and financial resources in an uncertain, ever-changing environment in the hopes of getting the best return in terms of security. We need to constantly adapt to new threats and trends in the market.

What is the greatest challenge facing organizations when it comes to information security? 

The greatest challenge is asking people to participate in the process. Software can be patched. Systems can be upgraded. People have to trade some amount of convenience for greater security. They have to change the way they think about and perform their work.

What is the most pressing need facing organizations when it comes to information security? 

I believe companies need to shift from thinking about particular technologies like firewalls and backups towards thinking about systems of technologies that work together to stop attacks.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to get into this field?

 Take advantage of the free tools and blogs available online. Many popular tools are available for free or have trial versions. Knowledge of programming, operating systems and human behavior is essential. Your goal should be to understand how or why an attack works rather than simply understanding how to use a tool.